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Builds, refurbs, repairs, and/or demonstrations

How to Make a Cloud Chamber

A collection of our favorite resources and helpful tips for selecting  a type of cloud chamber and constructing it. Cloud chambers make nuclear ionizing radiation visible by displaying trails of condensation like contrails in the wake of particle emissions!

stop motion animation happening with an app

Top 3 Apps For Stop Motion Animation

Our Top 3 Picks for making claymation films or other stop motion animations using your Android device, iPhone, or iPad.

vintage geiger counters

Choosing a Vintage Geiger Counter

Our Top 2 Picks for choosing a model of vintage Geiger counter. One suggestion for advanced use, with more focus on the many forms of community support for the economical CD V-700 suitable for more standard use in education and hobby.

what is the best geiger counter for my hobby?vintage Geiger Counter CDV-700

What is the Best Geiger Counter

Selecting a Geiger counter for your science hobby. Rather than picking out exact units for you, this is a primer on important facts features and properties to consider, so you can browse, informed, and choose one you’ll truly wind up be happy with.

Autunite Uranium Ore Hunktrifoil by Catalania on Pixabay

Uranium Ore for Sale ??

Yes you can buy uranium ore and other radioactive materials for sale online, and we know where you need to shop (links included)!

high-flying drone photo by Janson Blackeye

How High Can a Drone Fly?

Questions answered about how high you can fly a drone both legally and physically, with helpful FAA links.

Python vs. Matlab

Python versus Matlab: Direct and Unbiased

We’re not promoting either — this may help you quickly and easily decide between Python and Matlab programming environments.

How to Play Native American Flute

How to Play Native American Flute

Getting Started:
Avoid the 2 Biggest Mistakes right after unboxing and picking up your flute – remove all difficulty!